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M&DTTA and M&DLCA Affiliation

M&DTTA and M&D Ladies Cycling Association are separate organisations from the CTT. These associations promote events under CTT rules and run the points series.

To qualify for the points series, clubs must be affiliated with M&DTTA.

M&DTTA fee is £40 cheques payable to M&DTTA.

M&DLCA fee is £10 cheques payable to M&DLCA.

Both affiliations have a renewal date of 1st Jan.

To affiliate, send cheque to Mavis Ross, 26 Brook Road, Lymm, Cheshire WA13 9AH.

For more information please contact Mavis:

Clubs wishing to affiliate to both associations need to send two separate cheques.

M&DTTA Affiliated Clubs

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